Monthly Archives: October 2012


Medium: Gouache Exhibit Booth: #9 Artist Statement “I’ve always been in awe of the beauty of wildlife, especially in the setting of its natural habitat. It’s impossible to emulate the perfection of Gods creativity so I just do my best … MORE


Medium: Photography Exhibit Booth: #38 Artist Statement “Everyone eventually is compelled to gaze in awe, at the light, color and beauty, and to feel the emotion of a scene encountered. I seek that moment of sublime discovery, to capture and … MORE


Medium: Photography Exhibit Booth: #67 Artist Statement “Photography is my form of meditation. Showing the beauty of other cultures and the earth we live on is my goal.”  


Medium: Watercolors Exhibit Booth: #125 Artist Statement “I am fascinated by the objects of our time, and the power they have to tell stories.  I look for a combination of objects that capture my imagination the odd little story they … MORE


Medium: Oil Exhibit Booth: #31 Artist Statement “I enjoy the thought that my painting can visually transfer the energy that created it to the viewer.”  


Medium: Printmaking Exhibit Booth: #28 Artist Statement “My art is an imprint of my observation, feeling, and thoughts from my daily life. I have been exploring the combinations of various printmaking methods, such as intaglio, relief and monotype.”  


Medium: Jewelry Exhibit Booth: #93 Artist Statement “The metals and the stones, the anvil and the fire; these are the notes and the melodies, the rhythms and the rhymes…the jewelry is my song.”  


Medium: Glass Exhibit Booth: #85 Artist Statement “Keeping the fluidity of the glass in my forms has always been a focus of my work. Utilizing layers of glass, color and negative space, the viewer discovers the lines created not only … MORE