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In the 17th and 18th centuries, the desire to experience the world’s great art firsthand inspired the European tradition of continental travel on “the grand tour.” Inspired to set out on pilgrimages by land and sea to the great cultural centers of Europe, and eventually the globe, those early travelers often risked life and limb to stand in the presence of masterpieces.

Your Pageant ticket to THE GRAND TOUR becomes your passport to experience spectacle, music, stories and grand illusions as masterpieces come to life. Book your passage now for this breathtaking theatrical journey through the centuries in search of unforgettable art.



July 7 – August 31, 2017
Nightly at 8:30pm

Advance Tickets $15 – $230



Henry Fane, Inigo Jones & Charles Blair Joshua Reynolds Oil 1768-1772
The Shop of Gersaint Antoine Watteau Oil 1718
Apollo & Nymphs of Thetis François Girardon Marble c. 1666-75
France Triomphante Fountain Jean-Baptiste Tuby Gilt Bronze 1679-1683
Fountain of Apollo Jean-Baptiste Tuby Gilt Bronze 1671
The Annunciation Leonardo/Verrocchio Oil & Tempera 1472-1475
Tribuna of the Uffizi Various Marble
Danish Artists in Rome Constantin Hansen Oil 1837
Emperor Hadrian’s Villa Unknown Marble 120 ACE
Claude Duval William Powell Frith Oil 1860
Highland Wedding at Blair Atholl David Allan Oil 1780
Pompeii and Naples
Scène de Fouilles à Pompéi    Edouard A. Sain Oil 1865
Roman Vase Unknown Cameo glass Unknown
Lord and Lady Hamilton in Naples
Sir William Hamilton Joshua Reynolds Oil 1777
Emma Hart, Lady Hamilton as Circe George Romney Oil Unknown
Lord Nelson William Beechey Oil c. 1797
Emma Hamilton as the Spinstress George Romney Oil c. 1784-85
Venice Bell (“The Moors”) Antonio Rizzo Bronze 1497
Minuet G. D. Tiepolo Oil 1756
Ridotto of Venice Pietro Longhi Oil c. 1750
Giants’ Staircase Doge’s Palace Antonio Rizzo Marble 1567


Buffalo Bill’s Wild West
Her Majesty Queen Victoria Unknown Poster 1887
Pony Express (Bill Cody) Harry Jackson Painted Bronze 1967
Entente Cordiale Unknown Poster 19th century
Johnnie Baker & Miss Annie Oakley Unknown Posters 19th century
White Eagle & Red Fox Unknown Posters 19th century
Voyage à la Mode
Waiting for the Train James Tissot Oil on panel c. 1871-1873
Embarkment at Calais James Tissot Oil on panel 1884
The Ball on Shipboard James Tissot Oil c. 1874
Duane Hanson’s Modern Travellers
Tourists Duane Hanson Mixed Media 1970
The Shoppers Duane Hanson Mixed Media 1976
Tourists II Duane Hanson Mixed Media 1988
Chez Bricktop Presents…
The Jockey Club Archibald Motley Oil 1929
Louis Armstrong Sculpture Kern Artists Bronze 2000
Duke Ellington Sculpture Zachary Oxman Stainless steel 2012
Josephine Baker Casino de Paris Zig Louis Gaudin Poster c. 1930
Rome’s Sisterhood of Sculptors
Zenobia in Chains Harriet Hosmer Marble 1861
Forever Free Edmonia Lewis Marble 1867
Angel of the Waters Emma Stebbins Bronze 1862
The Last Supper Leonardo da Vinci Tempera Mural 1495-98

* Program subject to change.


See a full list of the artworks to be presented in the 2017 Pageant of the Masters production “The Grand Tour.”

2017 Program

* Program subject to change.