The Pursuit of Happiness – 2015 Pageant of the Masters

Act One

1. a. The Country School Winslow Homer Oil 1871 American
b. Snap the Whip Winslow Homer Oil 1872 American
2. Depew Memorial Karl Bitter/J.S. Calder Bronze/ Granite 1919 American
3. Seasons of Life
a. Youth: Season of Love Currier & Ives Lithograph 1868 American
b. Middle Age: Season of Strength Currier & Ives Lithograph 1868 American
c. Old Age: Season of Rest Currier & Ives Lithograph 1868 American
4. Changing Homes George E. Hicks Oil 1862 British
5. The Modern Kitchen Anonymous Illustration 1950s American
6. Rockwell’s Progress
a. The Window Washer Norman Rockwell SEP Cover 1960 American
b. Construction Crew Norman Rockwell SEP Cover 1954 American
c. New Television Antenna Norman Rockwell SEP Cover 1949 American
7. Great Spirits
a. The Scout Cyrus Dallin Bronze 1910 American
b. The Medicine Man Cyrus Dallin Bronze 1899 American
c. Appeal to the Great Spirit Cyrus Dallin Bronze 1909 American
8. A Ride for Liberty Eastman Johnson Oil 1862 American
9. A Nation of Immigrants
a. McSorley’s Cats John Sloan Oil 1928 American
b. Sunday, Women Drying Hair John Sloan Oil 1912 American
10. a. Thomas Jefferson Rudulph Evans Bronze 1943 American
b. Writing the Declaration… J.L.G. Ferris Oil c. 1921 American
c. Betsy Ross Presenting Flag Edward P. Moran Oil c. 1917 American
d. Washington’s March… J.L.G. Ferris Oil 1906 American
e. George Washington Thomas Ball Bronze 1869 American
f. Freedom Thomas Crawford Gilt Bronze 1863 American
g. Capitol Statuary Hall various Bronze/ Marble American

Act Two

11. Setsugekka
a. Moon at a Vacation House Chikanobu Woodblock print 1891 Japanese
b. Cherry Blossom Viewing Chikanobu Woodblock print 1894 Japanese
c. A Winter Scene Chikanobu Woodblock print 1893 Japanese
12. a. Coffee House, Cairo Arthur von Ferraris Oil 1888 Hungarian
b. At the Blue Bottle Franz Schams Oil mid-19th cent Austrian
13. a. Rococo Figurines Sevres Porcelain 19th century French
b. The Swing J.-H. Fragonard Oil c. 1767 French
c. Madame de Pompadour F. Boucher Oil 1759 French
d. Avignon Clock P. Gouthiere Gilt Bronze 1771 French
14. a. Joy of the Waters Harriet Frishmuth Bronze 1920 American
b. Bubble Dancer Harriet Frishmuth Bronze 1921 American
c. Crest of the Wave Harriet Frishmuth Bronze 1925 American
15. a. Shiva, Lord of the Dance Anonymous Copper Alloy c. 950-1000 Indian
b. Durga Puja Anonymous Mixed Media 2011 Bengali Indian
16. Dogon Dancers Anonymous Recycled Metal 21st century Mali, Africa
17. Minuet Giovanni Tiepolo Oil 1756 Oil
18. a. Venice Bell Antonio Rizzo Bronze 1494 Italian
b. Pigeons of St. Mark’s George G. Kilburne Oil 1876 British
19. The Last Supper Leonardo da Vinci Tempera on Plaster 1495-98 Italian

Updated December 3, 2014. Program subject to change without notice.