The Art Detective – 2014 Pageant of the Masters

Act One

1. a. Nightwatch Rembrandt van Rijn Oil 1642 Dutch
b. Woman Drinking with Soldiers Pieter de Hooch Oil 1658 Dutch
c. Blind Leading the Blind Pieter Bruegel the Elder Tempera on linen 1568 Flemish
2. a. Charles Townley… Charles Zoffany Oil 1782 British
b. Phidias Showing the Frieze… Lawrence Alma-Tadema Oil 1868 Dutch
c. Elgin Marbles Phidias Marble 5th cent. BCE Greek
3. a. Windsor Castle: Queen Victoria Edward Landseer Oil 1840-1843 English
b. Applicants for Admission… Samuel L. Fildes Oil 1874 English
c. Dickens’ Dream Robert W. Buss Watercolor 1875 British
d. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Anonymous Poster 1880s British
e. Sherlock Holmes Gerald O. Laing Bronze 1991 British
f. Alone in London Thomas Graham Oil 1904 British
4. Washington Crossing Delaware Emanuel Leutze Oil 1851 German
5. a. Star Figure A. Stirling Calder Plaster 1914 American
b. Maine Memorial Attilio Piccirilli Gilt Bronze 1913 American
6. The Concert Johannes Vermeer Oil c. 1664 Dutch
7. a. El Jaleo John Singer Sargent Oil 1882 American
b. Portrait of Madame X John Singer Sargent Oil 1884 American
8. Death of Cleopatra Edmonia Lewis Marble 1876 American
9. Abu Simbel & Tutankhamun
a. Abu Simbel Anonymous Sandstone 13th cent. BCE Egyptian
b-d. Tut’s Treasures Anonymous Various 14th cent. BCE Egyptian
e. Sarcophagus of Tut Anonymous Mixed media 14th cent. BCE Egyptian

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Act Two

10. a. The Dark Corner 20th Century Fox Poster 1946 American
b. The Thin Man MGM Poster 1934 American
c. After the Thin Man MGM Poster 1936 American
d. Double Indemnity Paramount Poster 1944 American
e. Maltese Falcon Warner Bros. Poster 1941 American
e. The Big Sleep Warner Bros. Poster 1946 American
11. Banksy!
12. Secret Knowledge
a. Portrait of an Artist David Hockney Acrylic 1972 British
b1. Aronolfi Wedding Jan van Eyck Oil on wood 1434 Dutch
b2. The Ambassadors Hans Holbein the Younger Oil on oak 1533 German
c. Allegory of Painting Johannes Vermeer Oil 1665-67 Dutch
13. Saltcellar Benvenuto Cellini Gold/enamels 1543 Italian
14. Victorine
a1. Street Singer Edouard Manet Oil 1863 French
a2. Woman with Parrot Edouard Manet Oil 1866 French
a3. Mlle. Victorine/Matador Edouard Manet Oil 1862 French
b. Olympia Edouard Manet Oil 1862 French
c. Le Dejeuner sur l’Herbe Edouard Manet Oil 1863 French
15. Strauss Memorial Edmund Hellmer Bronze/Marble 1921-1923 German
16. a. The Rape of the Sabine Women Johannes of Bologne Marble 1579-1583 Flemish
b. Perseus with Head of Medusa Benvenuto Cellini Bronze 1545-1554 Italian
c. Primavera Sandro Botticelli Tempera on panel c. 1482 Italian
17. The Last Supper Leonardo da Vinci Tempera on Plaster 1495-98 Italian

Updated April 3, 2014. Program subject to change without notice.