Monthly Archives: October 2012


Medium: Gouache Exhibit Booth: #127 Artist Statement “I’ve always been in awe of the beauty of wildlife, especially in the setting of it’s natural habitat. It’s impossible to emulate the perfection of God’s creativity so I just do my best … MORE


Medium: Photography Exhibit Booth: #80 Artist Statement Barbara’s interest is in showing the beauty of the world in photographs, whether as a landscape, wildlife, or portraying the way people live.  


Medium: Watercolors Artist Statement “I am fascinated by the objects of our time and the power they have to tell stories. I look for a combination of objects that capture my imagination for the odd little story they might imply.” … MORE


Medium: Oil Artist Statement “Not replicating while keeping fidelity with the subject through expressive brushwork allows the viewer to participate vicariously in the works creation.”  


Medium: Printmaking Exhibit Booth: #67 Artist Statement “I would like to be connected with things happening in the world through my art work. My art is an imprint of my life’s daily observations, feelings, and thoughts.”  


Medium: Jewelry Exhibit Booth: #117 Artist Statement “The metals and the stones, are the anvil and the fire; these are the notes and the melodies, the rhythms and the rhymes… the jewelry is my song.”  


Medium: Glass Exhibit Booth: #137 Artist Statement “Keeping the fluidity of the glass in my forms has always been a focus of my work. Utilizing layers of glass, color and negative space, the viewer discovers the lines created not only … MORE


Medium: Oil Exhibit Booth: #100 Artist Statement “Light is the most important aspect of my work, offering the ultimate challenge and reward. To capture its elusive qualities on canvas offers great personal satisfaction, and it’s what I thrive on artistically.” … MORE