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In 1957, the Festival of Arts Scholarship Program was established to provide financial assistance for Laguna Beach High Schools students preparing for careers in various disciplines in the arts. Sally Dunn Reed, a senior graduating from Laguna Beach High, was awarded the very first scholarship of $1,000.

In 1989, the Festival of Arts with a $1.5 million endowment established the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts Foundation, a California nonprofit public benefit corporation, for the purpose of charitable giving in perpetuity in the form of art scholarships and/or grants in and about Laguna Beach, California. The Foundation operates independently from the Festival of Arts.

In 2007, the Festival of Arts assumed the financial responsibility of the art scholarships, enabling The Foundation to focus on its grant program for local non-profit art organizations. To date, the Festival of Arts along with the Foundation cumulatively has awarded over $3 million in college scholarships. Disciplines for which scholarships are awarded are Film, Performing Arts (Dance, Music, and Theater Arts, including Performance and Production), Visual Arts, and Writing.


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The Scholarship Committee

The Glenn E. Vedder Scholarship Committee, chaired by Festival of Arts Board Secretary Pat Kollenda, administers the program.

  • Committee: Pat Kollenda (Chair), Wayne Baglin, Marge Earl, Kathy Jones, and Jacquie Moffett.

  • 2018 Jurors: Scott Arundale, Andy Barnicle,  Jeff Foster, Jodie Gates, Lynda Hall, Rob Hedden, Linda Kalaj, Joe Lauderdale, Mark Lowrery, Erika Schindele, Pat Sparkuhl, Patty Tacklind and Jacquie Moffett.

    Scholarship Coordinator: Michelle Reindl

Deadlines & Applications

There are a number of policies and procedures that govern the Festival of Arts Scholarship program. The following policies are of direct concern to scholarship candidates:

  • Must attend an accredited community or 4-year college or university on a full-time basis and complete at least 12 academic units each term (quarter or semester). The 12 academic units must count for graduation.
  • To receive payment for a particular term (quarter or semester), the student must take a course during that term in the field for which the scholarship was granted. This course, or courses, must be for academic credit at an accredited community or 4-year college.
  • Maintain a grade point average per term (quarter or semester) of at least 2.5 in the freshman year and at least 3.0 for each subsequent year. The pass/fail method of grading is not acceptable; students must have their professors assign an alphabetic grade.
  • Immediately report any change of e-mail, address, course of study, or school to the Festival of Arts.


For a full listing of ALL policies and procedures (including details on scholarship availability, degree candidates scholarships, payment procedures, award renewal procedures, and eligibility for forfeited awards, please download the Policies & Procedures PDF.
Download Policies and Procedures

Who May Apply

All graduating high school students residing in Laguna Beach, or attending Laguna Beach High School may apply. Scholarships are awarded in the following areas: Film, Performing Arts (Dance, Music, Theater Arts), Visual Arts and Writing. Freshman applicants may apply for any or all categories, and are encouraged to do so, but will only be awarded a maximum of one scholarship. Scholarships will be awarded to Laguna Beach High School graduating seniors at the June Convocation. All other scholarship recipients will be notified by mail.

How to Apply

  • Agreement (signed by Student and Parent/Guardian)
  • Unofficial Transcripts, Printed by the Registrar (Not Aeries)
  • General Resume
  • Work Samples: See application for instructions
  • Formal dated letter to the Scholarship Committee: See application for instructions
  • Optional letter of recommendation


Completed application due on or before 4:00pm on March 8, 2019.

Audition and Interview Schedule

After March 11th, you will be notified by email regarding the date and time of your interview and/or audition. Interviews and auditions will be at the Festival of Arts.


The office is located at 650 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach, CA 92651. Office hours are Monday- Friday 9am – 5 pm. For additional information, please contact Michelle Reindl at 949-464-4201 or scholarships@foapom.com

Freshman Scholarship Application

Please complete the Scholarship Application Form online

Who May Apply

Available annually to previous recipients for a total of four years of undergraduate college education during a five-year period following graduation from high school. An application must be submitted each year to be considered for the following year.

How to Apply

  • Carefully read, complete and sign online application form.
  • Write and upload a formal dated letter to the Scholarship Committee and include the following:
    • Summarize the work you have done in your chosen field and your plans for the coming year.
    • Describe extracurricular activities over the past year.
    • Discuss your current professional goals.
    • Provide any other information you would like to have committee members consider when they determine your qualifications for an award
    • Download and carefully read all policies and procedures.

    • An official transcript of your academic record for 2018-2019
    • (OPTIONAL) Provide the Scholarship Committee with a Letter of Recommendation.


    Deadline is July 15, 2019.

    Scholarship Renewal Application

    Please complete the Scholarship Renewal Form online. For additional information or assistance, please contact Michelle Reindl at 949-464-4201.

    Student Testimonials

    Below are some excerpts from the letters that were sent to the Scholarship Committee from current or former scholarship recipients.

    “I would like to express my deepest thanks for your generosity. Your scholarship means such a great deal to me, and I am honored to have been recognized for my love of music. Thanks to supporters of the arts like you, I feel encouraged to continue my passion and to share it with others.”

    Frances Naude

    “I hope one day that through my continuation of dance, I will somehow be able to give back to students and help them achieve their dreams, just as you and the Committee have so helped me.”

    Lily Rogers

    “Ever since I was very little, I wanted to be a performer and receiving this scholarship from you instills confidence in me that I can reach my goals and achieve my dreams.”

    Noah Plomgren

    “It means so much to me that someone else believes in my artistic abilities enough to award me money to help jumpstart my career. It really gives me confidence to think that others believe in me this much.”

    Ginny Davis

    “The valuable tools that I have gained through my theater studies have both encouraged my love for humanity and helped me to understand the ways in which positive human interaction can bring change. I will forever be grateful for the scholarships that you have given me.”

    Nathan Green

    “I owe you all thanks for your generosity and support. Whatever direction I take with my music, my education at Columbia has opened my eyes to possibilities and complexities in music that I never knew before, and I have become obsessed with exploring these at deeper levels.”

    Coleman Moore

    “The Glenn E. Veddar Scholarship Committee’s financial support has been enormously helpful to me, and I am grateful for their continuing contribution to the artist alumni of Laguna Beach High School.”

    Jeremy Graves

    “Thank you all, so sincerely for being a part of my life and helping me create all the art I have been dreaming of making.”

    Molly Bower

    “I am forever grateful for the help I received from the FOA, and am excited and blessed to be able to follow my passion.”

    Clair Howell

    “I am blessed to live alongside an organization like the Festival of Arts so committed to cultivating a love of art in our youth. Your scholarship will help me better myself as a student and artist at Columbia University next fall.”

    Anya Gourley