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Performer: Dan Krikorian Band

Southern California folk/pop singer/songwriter Dan Krikorian is known to craft an organic sound that gently delves into the hearts of his listeners. His wholesome, reflective nature has always allowed him to see the beauty in life, which is reflected in his musical style, defined by a cinematic blend of poetry and melody.  Krikorian, who doubles as a college basketball coach and professor, has steadily garnered a loyal fan base in both the U.S. and Europe through the releases of his 4 critically acclaimed albums.  From the 2008 Jack Johnson leaning Oxford Street, to the 2013 Gregory Alan Isakov tinged Bloom, Krikorian continues to inch himself further and further into the echelon of today’s most thoughtful and earnest songwriters.  Having shared the stage with artists such as The Foo Fighters, Eddie Money, The Animals, ALO, Chris Trapper, Jenny and Tyler, and Shane Alexander among others, Krikorian is clearly an artist coming into his own.  2018 will see the release of the single “Need Me Bad” followed by Krikorian’s 5th full length album, Grandeur, supported by both a West Coast and European tour.

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