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On Tuesday nights throughout the summer, the Festival of Arts’ roster of world-famous musicians and music aficionados introduce their favorite up and coming performers.

Judith Owen featuring the legendary Leland Sklar  – an intimate duet

Join Judith Owen for an intimate performance featuring legendary bass player Leland Sklar and master percussionist Pedro Segundo.

Known for her love of musical variety and melding it into a great stylistic gumbo all her own. ‘Somebody’s Child’ is the culmination of this mix: voice and piano front and center, songs that are vignettes of life crafted from the perspective that we ARE all “somebody’s child” – parental as well as planetary. An album about us.

“I was blown away by her blazing musicianship and beautifully crafted, highly original songwriting.”  – Linda Ronstadt

“Sassy and intelligent…Judith Owen is the female Randy Newman.”– Jamie Cullum

“Judith is a master class on how a show should be done”– Jackson Browne

“Judith Owen is one of the great talents of her generation, blessed with an expressive and distinctive voice, a fine talent for writing and a masterful style of accompaniment…unique in a crowded profession.” 
- Richard Thompson

“By nature, I am a diverse musician. It’s who I am because of all the music I grew up being exposed to, from opera to Sinatra, Joni to Stevie Wonder, and everything in between,” says Judith.

With ‘Somebody’s Child’, and its many moods and shades and a contemporary twist, Judith Owen seems well on her way into the elite of contemporary singer-songwriters and interpreters. Which is where she belongs . . .

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