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“Off the Wall” Exhibit at Wells Fargo

////“Off the Wall” Exhibit at Wells Fargo

“Off the Wall” Exhibit at Wells Fargo

February 11 – March 31, 2014

The Festival of Arts is pleased to announce it’s newest exhibit, “Off the Wall” at the historic Wells Fargo Building in downtown Laguna Beach now through March 7. “Off the Wall” includes a variety of multimedia wall assemblages and free standing sculptures by Festival artists Troy Poeschl, Casey Parlette, and Tim Shockley.



Casey Parlette

Southern California native Casey Parlette spent his youth in the hills, in the water and among the local wildlife. Inspired by what he saw around him, he began sculpting at a young age. After graduating from UCLA with a degree in Anthropology, Casey was recruited to work as a commercial diver. He eventually pursued a career in ocean lifeguarding, breaks from which have seen him operating underwater cameras in exotic seas on behalf of FOX Sports. A naturalist at heart and in practice, Casey’s adventures and studies have both engendered and influenced his art. Casey employs traditional blacksmithing techniques for the metalwork in his sculptures and chooses woods, metals and stones for their natural patterning, texture and color to express the subject accurately and artistically.

Troy Poeschl

Troy Poeschl grew up in the city of Orange in Southern California. Studying many types of media, Troy graduated in 1989 from California State University in Long Beach with a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts and a Minor in Industrial Arts. He has worked as a designer and fabricator on coffee roasters for Dietrich’s Coffee and motor racing components before becoming a full-time artist. For the past ten years, Troy has exhibited at the Festival of Arts and twelve years at the Sawdust Art Festival in Laguna Beach. His work has been on exhibit at the Yosemite Renaissance, Natural History Museum in Balboa Park, San Diego and the Irvine Fine Art Center’s Annual Juried Exhibition.

Tim Shockley

Tim Shockley, a California-based conceptual artist, creates work that reflects both a sincere devotion and respect towards his signature material, bronze, as well as the memorializing of time in its fleeting impermanence and perpetual relevance to our lives.  Each new piece or series comes to life through a process combining the creative spark with meticulous forethought, and followed through to the final compilation of material and individual voice, resulting in sculptures, assemblages, and installations. Themes in his work range from the eclectic homage to the enigma of time.


About the Festival of Arts 3rd Floor Gallery

The exhibit is at the Festival of Arts 3rd Floor Gallery at Wells Fargo Bank located at 260 Ocean Avenue, Laguna Beach. It is part of an ongoing series of shows that the Festival of Arts will be holding at Wells Fargo. The building is open to the public Monday through Friday 9 am – 6 pm and Saturday 9 am – 4 pm. Admission is free. Click here for current exhibit information.

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