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The first Festival of Arts, produced by local artist John H. Hinchman, was held in downtown Laguna, August 13-20, 1932. Los Angeles Olympic Games were also held that summer, July 30-August 14. The Festival was held on El Paseo, near Hotel Laguna. With no permanent location, the Festival was held at various venues during the next seven years.

Unattributed poem published in the South Coast News, August 19, 1932

Now comes the Festival of Arts,

Laguna’s great event!

The visitors are coming in,

On quest of beauty bent;

For many weeks committees

Have labored hard and long

To spread the news around the land

And bring a mighty throng

To visit in Laguna Beach,

To see our works of art,

To watch our Thespians at work,

To shop around our mart.

The streets are gay with banners,

The twinkling lights give cheer,

Flags are waving in the breeze

For Fiesta Week is here!

And may the Festival of Arts

Grow like the green bay tree,

‘Til all the Southland know the fame

Of Laguna-by-the-Sea.

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