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Mixed Media


“These two artists join their mixed media/oil paintings together to create a single work of art. Stephanie’s soulful landscapes provide an environment for Betty’s figurative paintings. The joined pieces are uniquely framed. Every painting tells a story.”


The collaborative work of artists Betty Haight (figurative) and Stephanie Cunningham (landscape) are called Duets. Each artist paints on a separate canvas in her own studio. After trial, error, and much conversation, one of their paintings will find a “soul mate” with another. At that time the two canvases are fastened together on the back, forming a single work of art.

Betty and Stephanie met in 1998 taking a local art workshop. Both had retired from other careers. Stephanie as an art teacher and Betty as an attorney. As their friendship developed they realized they shared many similar views about art and the creative process. In 2008, they began their series of Duets. In addition to showing at the Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach, they have shown in galleries in California, Florida, Louisiana and Iowa, and are in numerous private collections.

Several of the Duets have been used in the film industry. You can view their work on the movie set of “The Proposal,” staring Sandra Bullock, in “The Last Song,” a Nicholas Sparks film, in a Barbara Streisand comedy and on episodes of the TV series “The Young and the Restlesss.”


815 Van Dyke
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

(949) 315-9569 Betty
(949) 274-0859 Stephanie