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Jorge Fernandez




“From a point of view outside of reality, I want to expose, and present the true human nature in a way that is both creative and motivating to others.”

Jorge Fernandez was born in Santiago de Chile. He lived there until his twenties where he studied Architecture and Engineering. At that point he decided to travel in order to widen his horizons.

Fernandez first went to Europe and traveled almost every country there, including middle Asia, in order to enrich himself with the local culture; visit every possible museum, and absorb the knowledge of the masters.

Later he directed my compass towards his own culture and went back to the Americas. Fernandez traveled his country and the Americas as well, and it was in these travels where he really discovered his passion for his own art and decided to self-teach himself sculpture, which is the language that he found to better suit his skills. Fernandez just happen to like to manipulate materials. Visions during those trips oriented his work towards the true human nature.

After many years of travels Fernandez found himself in the US, where he was looking to keep learning, and meet the best artists in the world. Here he raised a family and built a small construction business as well, in order to keep his art untouched from economical influences.

31547 Eagle Rock Way
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
(949) 637-7110