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“Magic happens when paint and water meet paper.”


Marcia has always loved to draw, starting with crayons and pencils on any available paper to street and sidewalk art using stones and chalk. Four years of art in high school and a few years of art classes at a junior college and local adult education classes are the only formal training, Marcia has received.

Summers spent at the New Jersey shore, as a child, instilled a love of the sea, sand and sunsets. These images seem to dominate Marcia’s work. Vacations, as an adult, to more exotic places, have brought even more inspiration. Boats, with their reflections that move with the motion of the tide, and palm trees swaying with the breeze, relax and mystify. Her hope is that these interpretations with paint and paper convey the same feelings to the viewer.

“I believe that what we create on paper or canvas, photograph or craft with our hands, reflects who we are and where we are in our lives. That is why I choose straightforward, honest colors and simple recognizable images to paint.”