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Oils & Acrylics


“Light, atmosphere, and landscape are constantly changing entities. Through painting, my goal is to interpret a significant moment in time and space and preserve it in color, light, composition, and narrative.”


Mark grew up on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. As a child he was prodigious at drawing and maintained a cartoon strip in a local newspaper for several years. He painted in high school and college. He attended Brandeis University earning a BA with highest honors in fine arts and then a Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Since coming to California in 1985 he has participated in the landscape planning and design of many significant communities throughout the region. Concurrently during his career he has drawn and painted, attending the Laguna Art Institute Saturday drawing session (which is still held at LCAD), and later started taking artist workshops in Laguna Beach, with his first gallery representation in 2000.

Interacting with the changing landscape has inspired his artistic vision. He was ignited with a passion for capturing the narrative of change, and the artistic drama of composition and light in his paintings. Many of Mark’s paintings depict places that have since become developed, while others depict preserved areas of coastal or inland beauty. His subjects are primarily landscapes – coastline and inland agrarian views being favorites, as well as everyday scenes – highways, alleyways, industrial areas, and construction sites. He is inspired by compelling compositions, early or late night, strong contrast, and carefully choreographed color harmonies.

Mark prefers to paint rapidly with loose spontaneous brushwork, mixing paint on the palette as well as on the canvas. He is comfortable with oils or acrylics and works in the studio or in the field.