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Recycled Fashions Rule the Runway

////Recycled Fashions Rule the Runway

Recycled Fashions Rule the Runway

The Festival of Arts held its 11th annual Festival Runway Fashion Show on August 18 and artists wowed audiences with their creativity and talent constructing outfits from reclaimed, reused or recycled materials. A panel of four judges chose the top looks in four categories and nearly 2,000 Festival visitors had the opportunity to cast their votes for “People’s Choice Award.”

The Festival Runway Fashion Show was hosted by film production designer Nelson Coates. Selecting the winners were Radar Online Entertainment Editor Alexis Tereszcuk, Pageant of the Masters Director Diane Challis Davy and costume designer Alex Jaeger.

“Most Exciting Ensemble inspired by Pageant of the Masters theme The Time Machine” was awarded to oil painter Elizabeth McGhee for her H.G. Wells inspired dress made entirely of magazine clippings of clocks and watches, held together with staples, tape and thread.

Mixed Media artist Rachelle Weir won “Most Innovative Use of Materials” for her steampunk inspired time traveler. The garment was composed of recycled Amazon packaging, a laundry soap jug, plastic lettuce packaging, straws, soda bottles, a lampshade frame, coffee stirs, and cardboard. Accessorizing the look was an umbrella of silk ties, a hat made from hardbound books, leather belts, old clock parts, and even a crystal candlestick.

Mariana Nelson received the award “Most Glamorous & Elegant ‘Red Carpet’ Worthy Creation” for her colorful and stylish outfit made from award ribbons found at a local school play. Pink, red and blue ribbons were bleached, shredded, folded, heated and chopped up to create the dress and plastic florist ribbon was used to top off the head piece.

Acrylic painter Brad Elsberry won “Most Creative Concept” for his Stonewall Riot and LGBTQ culture inspired runway. Utilizing two models, Elsberry created five outfits with the last one transforming into an elaborate wedding dress. Each look was created from materials collected from the dumpster of a nearby printing business including paper scraps, color registry cut offs, posters, display cards, vinyl leftovers, billboard pieces, and packing supplies. Brad’s runway looks and showmanship also impressed the crowd and took home the highly coveted “People’s Choice Award.”

Mixed media artist Kate Cohen paid tribute to the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin, re-creating her iconic double ruffle dress using fused dry cleaning bags. Kate also made additional dresses for herself and fellow artist Sandra Jones Campbell to wear as back-up singers to accompany model Rita Moon on the runway singing along to the classic RESPECT.

Collaborative team, ceramic artist Mike Tauber and painter Lani Emanuel, titled their runway look “Time to Shop for Art.” The two-piece dress, worn by Caryn Werfelmann, was made of shopping bags and trash bags and featured a popsicle and cardboard hat, business card earrings and Pageant ticket stub cuffs.

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