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2019 Pageant Tickets on Sale Now

////2019 Pageant Tickets on Sale Now

2019 Pageant Tickets on Sale Now

Steve Tyrell

Tickets for the much-anticipated 2019 Pageant of the Masters are on sale now and make the perfect holiday present for art lovers and entertainment-seekers. Share the timeless gift of “living pictures” with tickets to next summer’s production The Time Machine. Tickets are available for purchase online or by calling (800) 487-3378.

The 2019 Pageant of the Masters, The Time Machine, will take audiences around the globe and into the past, present, and future in search of great art and amazing stories. Taking its cues from science fiction and steampunk fantasies, The Time Machine will be a ticket to thrills, laughter, beautiful music and extraordinary living art under the stars.

Pageant of the Masters producer/director Diane Challis Davy is thrilled with the staging and storytelling possibilities for next summer’s The Time Machine. “I was inspired by H.G. Wells’ novel, and we intend to conjure up a collection of artists who imagined and re-created scenes from the past and future,” she said.

“Look at the works of artists like Jean-Leon Gerome and Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema,” Challis Davy continued. “They were both obsessed with re-imagining the glamour and sensuality of history. Their works tell us as much about their era as they reveal the spectacle of the ancient empires they sought to dramatize. We hope The Time Machine will become a mysterious journey through time and space, and art. Of course, there’ll be no shortage of surprises along the way, perhaps a few pop-culture cameo appearances.”

The Pageant of the Masters has been a Laguna Beach tradition since the 1930’s and now attracts over 140,000 patrons every summer. In preparation for The Time Machine, Challis Davy is once again summoning her creative energies and inspiring her talented team of theatrical artists as they breathe life into this one-of-a-kind entertainment. Each night during the summer season, the Pageant presents spectacular stage illusions with original, live music performed by a professional orchestra and informative, engaging live narration under the stars.

“At its core, The Time Machine will focus on the ways in which art reveals and reflects the world in which it was created,” said veteran scriptwriter Dan Duling. “When we look at works by artists like Leonardo da Vinci or Johannes Vermeer, they provide us with invaluable clues to better understand life in their times.”

As always, Challis Davy and the team of artists and technicians realize the Pageant wouldn’t be possible without the volunteers who return year after year to take part. Challis Davy offered a final, thoughtful observation: “The Pageant has always been a kind of time machine for us, allowing us to venture to different eras, different corners of the globe, and even to speculate about what the future may hold. Next summer’s Pageant will be unlike any you’ve seen before.”

The 2019 Pageant of the Masters, The Time Machine, runs July 7 – August 31, 2019. Advance tickets start at $15 per person and are on sale now. A Pageant ticket is also a season pass to the 2019 Festival of Arts Fine Art Show, which will take place July 5 – August 31, 2019.

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