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“Vinita Voogd- Printmaker” Exhibit at foaSOUTH

////“Vinita Voogd- Printmaker” Exhibit at foaSOUTH

“Vinita Voogd- Printmaker” Exhibit at foaSOUTH

July 11 – April 11, 2014

Explore the art of “Vinita Voogd – Printmaker” at the Festival of Arts satellite gallery foaSOUTH on display now through April 11. The exhibit showcases her current work juxtaposed with her prints from the Festival of Arts Permanent Art collection. The public is invited to a meet the artist at a special reception on February 6 from 6 – 9pm during First Thursdays Art Walk in Laguna Beach.

“Vinita’s involvement with a variety of printmaking processes has allowed her to realize a deeper understanding and significance to her artwork,” said exhibit curator Pat Sparkuhl. “This exhibit illustrates her quest in developing and creating a unique look that is all her own.”

Vinita VoogdVinita Voogd was born and raised in New Delhi, India and studied fine art at the College of Art, University of Delhi. With an interest in Printmaking, she studied with John Paul Jones at UCI for three years after moving to California. She has been creating original fine prints since 1982 and has exhibited at the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts for over ten years. Vinita’s works are in both private and corporate collections in the United States and abroad and shown extensively throughout in exhibitions including the Laguna Art Museum.

Utilizing a variety of materials, Vinita creates her prints using the collagraph technique- a combination of collage and graphics. She draws inspiration from her travels and regularly collects small artifacts and handmade papers she finds along the way.

“By producing prints using everyday mundane materials, I am placing my work in an entirely new context, with the goal of challenging and changing the viewer’s perceptions,” said Vinita. “In an age of extremes, wealth and poverty, peace and discord, technology and ecology, my art strives for a universal landscape of harmony, blending cultural decorative motifs, color, texture and pattern.”


Opened as a collaboration between Festival of the Arts and Active Culture, foaSOUTH serves visitors and residents of Laguna Beach by promoting Festival-related exhibitions throughout the year. Located at 1006 S. Coast Highway on the corner of Anita and PCH, the gallery has partnered with Active Culture to provide frozen yogurt and natural foods on the premises at their café. Open weekdays from 10am – 9pm and weekends from 8am – 9pm. Click here for current exhibit information.

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