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2019 Pageant of the Masters® Theme

The Time Machine

Marty McFly from “Back to the Future” and Doctor Who owe a debt to Victorian writer H.G. Wells who published his first novel, The Time Machine, in 1895. Wells tapped into a fascination for time travel that continues to inspire artists in every medium.

In the 2019 Pageant of the Masters, “The Time Machine” will take audiences around the globe and into the past, present and future in search of great art and amazing stories. Taking its cues from science fiction and steampunk fantasies, “The Time Machine” will be your ticket to thrills, laughter, beautiful music and extraordinary living art under the stars.

Read more on the 2019 theme from Pageant of the Masters Director/Producer Diane Challis Davy and scriptwriter Dan Duling.


“The Time Machine”

July 7 – August 31, 2019
Nightly at 8:30pm

Advance Tickets $15 – $240



Laboratory of the Time Traveler
Studio of the Artist
Deciphering History (Rosetta Stone)
Napoleon and his General Staff Jean-Léon Gérôme Oil c. 1860 French
Imagining the Ancient World
Cleopatra Frederick Arthur Bridgman Oil on Canvas 1896 American
Procession of the Bull Apis Frederick Arthur Bridgman Oil on Canvas 1879 American
The Vintage Festival Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema Oil 1871 Danish
Time and the Fates of Man Sundial Paul Manship Plaster 1939 American
Marking Time
A Collection of Empire Clocks Unknown Ormolu 19th century French
Lasting Impression
Portrait of Mary Anning B.J.M. Donne Oil 1847 English
Pegwell Bay Kent William Doyce Oil on canvas 1858 English
Industrial Revolution
The Mechanics Monument Douglas Tilden Bronze 1901 American
The Armory Show
Sunday, Women Drying Their Hair John Sloan Oil on Canvas 1912 American
Les Poseuses Georges Seurat Oil on Canvas 1886-88 French
The City of Paris Robert Delaunay Oil on Canvas 1910-12 French
Unity of Mankind
Hawaiian Surf-Rider Malvina Hoffman Bronze 1933 American
Unity of Mankind Malvina Hoffman Bronze 1933 American
African Drummer Malvina Hoffman Bronze 1931 American
Forward Thinkers
Leonardo da Vinci, Uffizi, Florence Luigi Pampaloni Marble 1834 Italian
Galileo Galilei Aristodemo Costoli Marble 1851 Italian
Galileo Galilei H.J. Detouche Oil 1754 French
Sir Isaac Newton with Prism Unknown Etching 20th century
Nicola Tesla Monument Les Drysdale Bronze Canadian Italian
Transportation (Grand Central) J.A. Coutan Marble 1914 French
Stephen Hawking: Ubermensch Jake and Dinos Chapman Fiberglas 1995 English


To the Moon

Rock around the Clock: Back to the Fifties
Working on the Jalopy Stevan Dohanos SEP Cover 1950 American
Picking Poindexter Richard Sargent SEP Cover 1950 American
Doughnuts for Loose Change Ben K. Prins SEP Cover 1958 American
Inflating Beach Toy Stevan Dohanos SEP Cover 1949 American
Evening Picnic John Falter SEP Cover 1949 American
Stopping time: Lenses & Photography
Vermeer’s Lens: The Music Lesson Johannes Vermeer Oil c. 1662-1664 Dutch
Interior with Portraits Thomas Le Clear Oil 1865 American
Muybridge Motion Study Eadweard Muybridge Motion Pictures 1877-1878 American
Sci-Fi Movies
The Time Machine MGM Poster 1956 American
The Day the Earth Stood Still 20th Century Fox Poster 1950 American
Invasion of the Saucer Men American International Poster 1957 American
The Nobility of Time Salvador Dali Patinated Bronze 1984 Spanish
The Final Impossibility Norman Rockwell Oil 1969 American
The Last Supper Leonardo da Vinci Tempera on plaster 1495-1498 Italian


See a full list of the artworks to be presented in the 2019 Pageant of the Masters production “The Time Machine.”

2019 Program

* Program subject to change.