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Pageant of the Masters. Where Art Comes to Life!


The 2016 Pageant of the Masters sets out in search of stories of compelling collaborations that led to the creation of unforgettable artworks in this year’s presentation of “Partners.”

Featuring works from around the world, this year’s production of “living pictures” highlights memorable art made possible bypartnerships – between husbands and wives, siblings, artists and models, even artists and their patrons. This theatrical and musical journey will also consider how partnerships can become an ideal subject for masterpieces devoted to family, love and courtship, as well as historical, scientific and even fictional quests.

Picture This … Two Shows for the Price of One.

As a Pageant patron, you’ll be admitted to the Festival of Arts Fine Art Show, absolutely free all summer long! Simply show your Pageant ticket at the Festival’s front gate. You’ll enjoy stunning artwork, hands-on demonstrations, wine tasting, and much more. Come back again and again.

Event Information

Pageant of the Masters
July 7 – August 31, 2016
Nightly: 8:30 pm

Tips For Ordering Pageant Tickets

Be flexible – go on a weekday! Ticket prices are lower, parking is easier, restaurants and hotels less crowded and better seats are available.

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