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House Rules

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For security, safety and comfort, our guests are asked to comply with the following code of conduct on the Festival of Arts Grounds and Irvine Bowl/Pageant of the Masters.

  • All items brought into the Festival of Arts grounds, including but without limitation, coolers, picnic baskets, bags, backpacks and purses are subject to search upon entry and re-entry into the grounds and Bowl. A metal detection device may be used to scan patrons.  Individuals who choose not to subject themselves to the security search will not be permitted to enter the grounds or the Bowl.
  • Guests are permitted to bring their own snacks and beverages into the Festival of Arts grounds in one cooler or similar container or basket as long as it does not exceed 14” by 14” by 14” in size and fits under your seat.

  • Must be 21 or older to drink alcohol. Patrons who consume alcoholic beverages must do so in a responsible manner.  The Festival of Arts reserves the right to deny entrance or eject anyone who appears to be intoxicated.  Beverages may be taken into the Pageant of the Masters/Irvine Bowl, but no glass bottles or glasses are allowed.  Drugs and other illegal substances are prohibited.

  • Smoking, including but not limited to Vapor/e-cigarettes, is not permitted on the Festival of Arts grounds or the Pageant of the Masters/Irvine Bowl.

  • Photography and/or recording equipment, laser pointers and other electronic devices are prohibited in the Pageant of the Masters/Irvine Bowl.  Selfie sticks are prohibited in all areas of the grounds.   Photographing Festival of Arts exhibitor’s artwork is prohibited without the artist’s permission.
  • All electronic devices, including mobile phones, are to be turned off or silenced during the Pageant of the Masters performance.
  • Unnecessary noise or disruptions during a concert or the Pageant of the Masters performance not only distracts your fellow audience members, but also the performers.  Guests who make such disruptions may be removed from the grounds or Irvine Bowl.  Please remain seated through the entire Pageant performance.
  • Fighting or throwing projectiles of any kind will result in immediate removal from the grounds.

  • Patrons shall only occupy the seat for which they possess a valid ticket and shall provide that ticket to staff upon request.
  • Patrons shall avoid blocking aisles and the views of other guests in the Irvine Bowl.
  • As a courtesy to performers and the audience, latecomers to the beginning of the Pageant of the Masters and the end of the Pageant intermission will not be seated until the earliest appropriate time in the performance at the discretion of staff.
  • Guests are prohibited from bringing onto the grounds items that might cause injury to others, including but not limited to: guns, knives, pepper spray, drones, flammable liquids, fireworks and paint.  No personal furniture including tables or chairs are allowed. We will not hold/store any items.

  • For their safety, guests shall follow the direction of staff under emergency circumstances.
  • Guests aware of violations of the Festival of Arts “House Rules” are encouraged to report inappropriate behavior to an usher or security officer.
  • The Festival of Arts complies with the ADA and therefore allows service animals. Emotional support, therapy, comfort, or companion animals DO NOT qualify as service animals per the ADA and are not allowed. Anyone fraudulently representing themselves as a service animal owner will be prosecuted under CA Penal Code 365.7.

  • Security Text Alert Hotline: Need assistance or want to report a problem to Festival security personnel? Text the issue and location on the grounds to 949-523-2757.  Standard rates apply.

Rules for Green/Tables, Chairs and Picnic Items

  • NO more than 2 tables pushed together.

  • Tables may not be used as “Buffet tables”

  • NO unattended tables. Personal items will be removed from table and brought to Security Office if left unattended for 30 minutes or longer.

  • Coolers, bags or picnic baskets MUST fit under chairs.

  • NO personal furniture (chairs and/or tables).

  • NO blankets on the ground for seating.