Partners – 2016 Pageant of the Masters

Act One

1. Adam and Eve Rubens/Breughel Oil 1871 Dutch
2. a. Ball at Manzanares’ Edge Francisco Goya Oil 1777 Spanish
b. A Meal After the Hunt Nicolas Lancret Oil/ Granite c. 1737 French
c. The Musical Contest J-H Fragonard Oil 1754-55 French
3. Gifts of Love
a. Perfume Bottle TBA
b. Perfume Bottle TBA
c. Butterfly Brooch Gaston Lafitte Gold/enamel/gems 1904 French
d. Nouveau Brooch TBA
4. The Kiss on the Hand G. Induno Oil 1877 Italian
5. Angelica and Rogero… Antoine-Louis Barye Guilt Bronze c. 1844 French
6. Carl and Karin
a. Late Summer: Karin by Shore Carl Larsson Watercolor 1908 Swedish
b. Self Portrait in Studio Carl Larsson Watercolor 1912 Swedish
c. Outdoors Blow Summer Winds Carl Larsson Watercolor 1903 Swedish
7. Don Quixote & Sancho Panza Lorenzo C. Valera Bronze 1930 Spanish
8. Lewis & Clark
a. Lewis & Clark at Three Forks Edgar S. Paxson Oil 1912 American
b. Lewis & Clark Leo Friedlander Marble/granite 1934 American
c. Lewis & Clark Memorial Robert Scriver Bronze 1976 American
d. Lewis & Clark – An Evening Reading Thomas Lorimer Oil 1941 American
9. Wright Brothers Flight Phillip Von Saltza Oil Mural 1940 American
10. Gene & Fred
a. Top Hat Unknown/RKO Poster 1935 American
b. Holiday Inn Unknown/Paramount Poster 1942 American
c. Singin’ in the Rain Unknown/MGM Poster 1952 American
d. The Pirate Unknown/MGM Poster 1948 American
e. An American in Paris Unknown/MGM Poster 1951 American
f. Broadway Melody 1940 Unknown/MGM Poster 1940 American


Act Two

11. Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera
a. Dream of a Sunday… Diego Rivera Oil Mural 1946-47 Mexican
b. On the Borderline… Frida Kahlo Oil 1932 Mexican
c. Detroit Industry, North Wall Diego Rivera Fresco 1932-33 Mexican
12. a. Laboratory Sketch Madame Lavoisier Pen/paper c. 1789 French
b. Lavoisier and His Wife Jacques Louis David Oil 1788 French
13. Tomb of Archduchess Maria Antonio Canova Marble 1798-1805 Italian
14. The Salons of Gertrude Stein & Alice B. Toklas
a. Tea Henri Matisse Oil 1919 French
b. Bathers Paul Cezanne Oil 1891-1900 Italian
15. Portraits by David Hockney
a. Portrait of Nick Wilder David Hockney Acrylic 1966 English
b. American Collectors David Hockney Acrylic 1968 English
c. Mr. and Mrs. Clark Percy David Hockney Acrylic 1970-71 English
16. The Dancers Harriet W. Frishmuth Bronze 1921 American
17. The Angelus Jean-Francois Millet Oil 1857-59 French
18. The Last Supper Leonardo da Vinci Tempera on Plaster 1495-98 Italian

Updated November 19, 2015. Program subject to change without notice.