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2011-2012 Improvements

Ongoing improvements to the facilities and grounds of the Festival of Arts.

2016-11-22T16:09:26-08:00Nov 16, 2011|History|


foaNORTH research and preservation facility becomes home to FOA Permanent Art Collection and Festival archives

2016-11-29T13:50:46-08:00Nov 16, 2011|History|


foaSOUTH gallery is opened and dedicated.

2016-11-29T13:41:09-08:00Jun 16, 2010|History|


$1 million Endowment for the establishment of a year-round gallery for artists.

2016-11-29T12:10:16-08:00Apr 16, 2008|History|


The Festival of Arts with a $1.5 million donation established the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts Foundation, a California nonprofit public benefit corporation, in order to guarantee annual financial support for the arts in Laguna Beach.

2016-11-29T15:59:28-08:00Jun 16, 1989|History|