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Paintings Come to Life

Wall Street Journal July 2015 By Christina Binkley A bizarre but beloved tradition in art is back. Every night through July and August, human volunteers enact famous paintings and sculptures in an annual performance in Laguna Beach, Calif., known as the Pageant of the Masters. The amateur actors, their bodies painted and costumed, step into theatrical [...]

Jul 27|In The News|

The Surreal Fine-Art Spectacle in Laguna Beach

New York Times Magazine September 2014 By Sam Anderson Paparazzi, if they had existed in 1880s France, would have followed Amélie Gautreau in a permanent cloud. Crowds gathered when she appeared in the streets of Paris. Newspapers reported her outfit changes. Royalty asked to meet her. Traditional beauty is rarely so exciting, but hers was [...]

Sep 30|In The News|

Pageant of the Masters has an Air of Mystery this Year

Orange County Register July 2014 By Richard Chang ANA VENEGAS , OC REGISTER PHOTOGRAPHER Behind every great work of art lies a set of mysteries. Who painted it? What was the grand inspiration? How much is it worth? Is it stolen, or would someone want to steal it? These questions are at the heart of [...]

Jul 02|In The News, Pageant of the Masters|

Celebrating the Art of Film in Laguna Beach

Fine Art Connoisseur July/August 2013 By Kelly Compton Located 52 miles southeast of Los Angeles, the longtime artists’ colony of Laguna Beach will shine brightly this summer when its annual Festival of Arts returns. Featuring 140 exhibiting artists, the Festival is also renowned for its Pageant of the Masters, a lavish production of living pictures [...]

Jul 30|In The News|

For Pageant, People Supply the Bond

The Coastline Pilot January 10, 2013 By Rhea Mahbubani See the photo slideshow and read the article on The Coastline Pilot website. Frank Daniel is one of a lucky few who have never been struck by the urge to sneeze, twitch or swat an unassuming bug, at least while on stage. This matters — why? [...]

Jan 28|In The News, Pageant of the Masters|

Art Imitates Life – Casey Parlette

HAWAII SKIN DIVER MAGAZINE WINTER 2012 By Betsy Sanz In 2006 National Geographic published a now famous photograph looking down from the sky on native Amazonian tribesmen aiming arrows at the camera, presuming to take it down along with helicopter and crew. It is near unfathomable to think that such communities exist today. But Westerners [...]

Dec 14|In The News|

Festival of Arts Reports More Revenue, Ticket Sales

The Orange County Register November 15, 2012 By Richard Chang The Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach reported another successful year despite the uncertain economy during its annual membership meeting Wednesday night. Revenue during fiscal year 2012, which ended Sept. 30, was $9.4 million and expenses were $8.27 million, according to unaudited financial results. That's [...]

Nov 29|In The News|

Get ready for ‘The Big Picture’ at Pageant

The Coastline Pilot November 20, 2012 By Barbara Diamond Festival of Arts members were treated to a preview of the theme for the 2013 Pageant of the Masters at the annual meeting. Work began on the 80th anniversary of the pageant long before the 2012 season ended, but the theme was kept under wraps until [...]

Nov 29|In The News|